Withburga BBQ 2018

Smiles all round show what an enjoyable event this was.

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Alan Glister in charge of the BBQ Derrick Watts provided some fantastic music from the 60's and more. Time to dance.
Food, food and more food! Time to enjoy! The parasols were certainly a good idea for the current heat-wave.
Time out for the organist and others Sun hats were another aid for such a sunny day More shade produced by the gazebo
Some chose to sit out and enjoy the sunshine! Happiness is....... A very shady spot under the tree.
So many enjoying the afternoon More smiles! Time to relax
Gwen and Ann enjoy the food, which they had helped to prepare. Foreign Legion?.... no it's Gordon with Adam Pyke and Celia! Stylish hats gentlemen!
No need for worried looks, Tim, Marilyn and Lynn....it was a fantastic afternoon Empty plates and full tums! Picnic time!
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