Althorp July 2017

Memories of the Benefice outing to Althorp on the 20th Anniversary of the death of Princess Diana.

There are 17 photos for this gallery.
Waiting for the coach to take us to Althorp Arrival at Althrop, full of anticipation The beautiful lake at Althorp, where Princess Diana is 'at rest'
Who took a photograph of the photographer when the photographer wasn't taking photographs?! Princess Diana's memorial. From the memorial
The silhoette of Princess Diana in the memorial. Peaceful surroundings in 'the park'. Another view of the house
Jane and Brian enjoying their day Canons on the veranda The day involved a LOT of walking!
A little rain during the day, but not enough to spoil things, and periods of sunshine A happy, enjoyable day Avenue of trees
Lavender hedge leading to the house Time to go home after a tiring but very enjoyable day.